Research & Development

Bio Active & Nanotechnology Research

Experimenting with and harnessing the power of the minutest molecules, bioactive and nanotechnology research is the future of many industries and businesses. It is helping to significantly enhance, even completely transform, diverse sectors. By collaborating with agricultural universities and researchers, Jaivik aims to further research and make nanotechnology the driver of unified growth. By staying up to date with innovation, we at Jaivik, aspire to make nanotechnology a part of everyday life, conquering an enlarged importance in several fields.

New Technology Development

With innovative ideas and insights, Jaivik brings together new tools and latest technologies to reinvent processes and aid transformation. Continuous technology development and innovation are the cornerstones of all our endeavours. By bringing forth energy-efficient, cost-optimised solutions, Jaivik stays at par with global standards and exceeds the expectations of the clientele locally. As businesses face unprecedented challenges, Jaivik builds and integrates technological expertise in the client offerings.

Lab Testing & Trials

A lab trial is a carefully designed study that requires huge investments in terms of expertise, resources, and time. At Jaivik, we invest our best resources to conduct trials in-house that help test the quality, fitness, density, moisture, and other relevant attributes in products. By analysing these important factors, our team suggests best processes and technologies to help clients develop the product and further commercialize the same. Authentic results and state-of-the-art technologies provided by Jaivik offer analytical data that strengthen quality control.