Bulk solids can be subject to lumping or caking, wherein the individual solid particles turn into a bigger chunk of several cm or more in certain cases. Lumps hamper the operational efficiency of the equipment or pipe, and they can reduce the capacity and the quality of the production process.

 For instance, if sugar is exposed to humidity or moisture, it can create solid links in the sugar granules, leading to a lump.

 De-Lumpers or lump breakers help in crushing the agglomerate and recover the individual particles along with the bulk solids, maintaining its flowability.

 Our De-Lumpers can crush and reduce hard or soft, sticky, wet, heat-sensitive agglomerates and lumps at a high volume.

Key Features:

  • High-capacity machines with a heavy construction
  • Ability to handle sticky, tough and abrasive materials
  • Low-friction cutting design
  • Individually replaceable teeth for easy maintenance and operational efficiency

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