Double Ribbon Blender

Jaivik Double Ribbon Blender offers the complete process of mixing and blending in a single unit and achieves consistent and high shear mixing. It’s suitable to mix solids with solids and also with liquids. The clean and hygienic operating process with fast and gentle mixing in a Ribbon Blender is a practical method for preparing seasoning and coating type of blends with very sensitive recipes.

The Double Ribbon Blender agitator consists of an inner and an outer ribbon providing counter-directional flow while keeping the product in constant motion throughout the vessel. Inside ribbons move materials toward the ends of the ribbon blender whereas the outside ribbons move material back toward the centre discharge of the ribbon blender.

Jaivik’s Double Ribbon Blender works on two principles of mixing:

Convection Mixing

wherein the macro movement of a large portion occurs when solids turn over along the horizontal axis of the agitator assembly.

Diffusion Mixing

wherein micro mixing occurs to move individual particles relative to the surrounding particles. This occurs when the particles in front of the ribbon are moved in one direction while nearby particles are behind.

Key Features

  • Specifications comply with cGMP regulations
  • Radial movement is achieved because of the rotational motion of ribbon
  • With the radial and counter-current axial movement, Double Ribbon Blenders assure homogeneous blending in a short period of time
  • The horizontal axis of the blender is used to derive better performance.
  • Thorough mixing is achieved with the Double Ribbon Blender agitator