PLOW blender

Jaivik Plow Blenders or Mixers operate on the principle of a mechanically generated fluid bed with the three-dimensional movement of the product. Choose Jaivik for excellent solutions for mixing materials like powders, powders with liquids, and heavy pastes such as dough moulding compounds (DMC) and putties. As one of the leading plow blender machine suppliers in India, Jaivik assures you of the best quality and the best price.

The working volume of the Plow Mixer ranges from 30% to 70% of the total drum volume. The shaft rotates at higher speed to create a fluidizing action. The ploughs are designed to lift the material from the inside wall of the container without squashing the particles against the wall.

Key Features

  • Homogeneous mixing of materials with varying densities, flow-properties, particle sizes and structures is achieved in quick time.
  • Mix ratios of up to 1:20,000 are possible
  • Can handle material with viscosities in the range of 600,000 centipoises
  • High speed, high intensity, and uniform results with Jaivik Plow Blenders