Blending & Mixing Process

U-Shaped Shell

Many ribbon blenders have the traditional U-Shaped Shell. The full open top allows for ease of access during cleaning. In a U-shaped shell, the cover arrangements include a flanged, filtered Bag Dump Work Station and an end cover. Ribbon blenders, which are mixing with a mixing tool tip speed > 1 m/s, must present the following characteristics:
  • Clearance in between the tip of paddles and the mixer body must be large enough to avoid any contact of ribbon to housing
  • The bearing seals must be pressurized
  • During loading and discharge, the mixer speed must be such that the tip speed of the paddles is < 1 m/s

Key Benefits:

  • Easy, fast, and complete discharge

  • Gentle with fragile ingredients

  • Low space requirements

  • Jacketing for heating and cooking

  • Vacuumized operations

  • High mixing technology ensuring the ideal environment for mixing a wide distribution of particle sizes and bulk densities without any segregation

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