Magnetic Separator

Permanent magnets are often used in industries to separate foreign bodies from good products. These include metallic parts like metal shavings, bolts, screws, etc., which can harm the process and damage the rotating equipment or the final product. By implementing magnetic separation at various production stages, industries can easily detect the presence of any metallic foreign body, remove it or isolate the production that may have been contaminated. Magnetic traps are vital in the food industry to ensure that no foreign body is part of the end consumer product to avoid any food safety hazards.

Magnets can be designed as rotary magnets, drum magnets, bullet or inline magnets, and plate magnets with a strong magnetic field.

Key Features

  • Designed with ergonomics in mind
  • Strong magnets offered by Jaivik for an effective magnetic field for long-term benefits
  • Various options to accommodate different working volumes
  • Excellent control and visibility of the isolations
  • Efficient cost-saving recovery of metallic bodies
  • A great solution to capture the common ferrous debris
  • Easy to install with no maintenance hassles
  • Light-weight and user-friendly