Vibratory Screen

Jaivik brings you a revolutionary design for high-performance vibratory screening of wet and dry materials. It helps in separating liquids and powders. With the unique screening technology, you can ensure increased productivity and operating benefits as compared to the traditional spring-mounted vibro separators.

We offer single/double-deck vibrating screens and also multi-deck screens for different applications. Single and double-deck screens are specifically designed to screen powders while the multi-deck screens offer faster, more accurate sizing, splitting and correcting.

Our product is more than a screen – it is also a precision tool to deliver accurate grades – not just rough grouping of sizes.

Key Features

  • Simple and robust construction of the machines
  • Available in various sizes, it can be customized as per client needs
  • Vibratory screens are also available with a magnetic system to remove the fine iron particles and avoid contamination
  • Economical solution for energy and space
  • Long lifecycle with minimum maintenance
  • Flexible to adapt to various materials and conditions
  • Higher screening capacity – almost 50% more than conventional separators
  • Improved cleanability