Dust Extraction System

Bag Filter

A bag filter, also known as a baghouse or fabric filter, is an air pollution control device extensively used in varied industries to improve the indoor air quality. It is a dust collector that removes particulate matter or gases and hence is called a dedusting filter. It is placed in powder handling systems at points where exchange of air occurs between the process and the environment. It is obligatory for lawful reasons, but more importantly, it helps nurture a suitable and safe work environment, devoid of any dust or particulates.

Bag filters allow to:

  • Evade contamination of the product with dust or foreign material when air is sucked in from outside.
  • Avoid refusal of dust in the environment when air is expelled.


To select the proper size and type of bag filter, there are many determining parameters. Some important parameters being incoming dust load, the type of dust and the particle size, the moisture content, the legally acceptable emission values etc. Furthermore, when bag filters are furnished with the matching filter media, they can smoothly operate below the prevailing and projected particulate emission values.

Key Features:

  • They are highly efficient and are made from high-quality fabric.
  • They require the lowest pressure drops and consume very less compressed air.
  • Bag filters help save energy and reduce cost of processes and production.
  • Bag filters help processes to conform to lowest emission norms up-to 2mg/nm3.
  • They function as a complete turnkey solution by altering the system engineering.


By harnessing the natural dynamics of centrifugal force, the cyclone dust extractor ensures stringent particulate pollution control. An extremely efficient solution, it is a popular choice for collecting dust in a gas stream. Feasible, cost-effective, and easy to use, cyclone dust collectors are used across various industries and domains. While helping clients abide by the legal norms, pollution control is also taken care of. A twin cyclone design can be opted for ideal efficiency and boosted performance. The optimized design of cyclones is of relevance to their enhanced collection efficiency. At Jaivik, we invest in pioneering research and innovation to bring for our diverse clientele superior dedusting systems that are high-performing, durable and cost-saving.