Jaivik Hammer Mill [ JVHM ]

Jaivik Hammer mills (JVHM) are a very common size reduction machine found all across process industries. The hammer mill design is very robust and is used in many applications, from grain milling to heavy duty requirements such as rock crushing or waste grinding.

JVHM is Robust casted construction of main body & mill cover along with wear resistance are typically used in large industrial processes requiring a high throughput while guaranteeing relatively fine product.

Large hammer mills can reach up to 20-50 t/h depending on the expected granulometry (more fine, less capacity ; coarser, larger capacity). Materials having a size up to 60 mm can be grounded to ~1 mm, while, if the feed is already finer (10 mm), hammer mills can reach sizes less than 500 microns.

Model noJVHM 200JVHM 300JVHM 400JVHM 500JVHM 600
Power Load (KW)7.5 – 18.522 – 37.545 – 7590 – 160160 & Above
Capacity (Kg/hr)100-500200-1000300-1800500-35001000-5000

Key Features

  • Remarkable accuracy in particle size control as the grinding action is purely mechanical
  • Most efficient and versatile mill in the market that consumes less power
  • Useful in many industries like food, pharmaceuticals, agro, paint, minerals, etc.