Oil Extraction


Oil extraction is a vital process in burgeoning industries and essential products manufacturing such as aromatherapy, perfumes, diffusers, pharmaceuticals etc. The modern oil extraction technologies today outdo the conventional processes in quality, efficiency and yield. 

A pioneer in these emerging oil-extraction methods, Jaivik Foods ensures that the best-in-class practices are implemented to extract oil from different sources. Evolving technologies are designed and employed to meet the rising needs in various industries and to make available integrated solutions that are truly superior.

Supercritical Co2 Extraction

Jaivik with its expertise brings to you a much in demand process that is using CO2 as a solvent for extracting oil contents from various food and spice products. This process ensures the  possibility to yield higher quality oils that aren’t altered structurally. As a result, this technique is also called supercritical extraction. It’s similar to the steam distillation process and the products retrieved are used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, paint, chemical, perfumes, cosmetics etc.

Key Features:

  • The constituents aren’t damaged by heat or any other chemicals in other extraction techniques 
  • CO2 is used as a solvent instead of water
  • Results in extracts that are more concentrated and thicker
  • Offers an authentic and stronger aroma of the compound 
  • Essential oils are less tampered in this process 
  • The colourless and odourless features of CO2 help in easy handling 
  • No harmful substances are used, making it safe for consumption