Production & Trading

Organic Trading

Organic foods are in great demand across the globe for the natural benefits they offer. Organic food refers to any kind of produce that is grown naturally without the use of artificial chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers, and does not contain GMOs i.e., Genetically Modified Organisms. 

At Jaivik Foods, we ensure that your naturally grown organic products receive the necessary certifications and approvals from the concerned authorities. These certified organic foods are then taken by us to the global market and traded. Our expertise in organic trading helps individuals across the globe eat healthy and live hearty.

Smart Storage Solutions

Inventory storage solutions help businesses of all kinds and sizes to stock, organize and track their inventory. The storage needs however differ across businesses and products. Raw materials storage is critical for all industries, especially the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries. 

We, at Jaivik, provide smart solutions to help industries take care of their inventory efficiently and judiciously, thus saving costs and streamlining processes. 

The ‘Silo’ storage system is used widely to store and transport raw materials without human intervention, guaranteeing highest safety and sterility. On the other hand, the more commonly used ‘Palette’ storage system provides specialized bins for storage.  

Production Facility

In present times, cost and energy optimization are extremely important across the diverse manufacturing industries. And thus, both these criteria form the foundation of all initiatives at Jaivik Foods. Leveraging upon our extensive experience and engrained expertise, we are able to uphold our commitment towards building our capabilities and expanding our offerings. 

By introducing and constantly evolving processes, we ensure that efficiency is maximized and energy consumption minimized in our production facilities. Our well-equipped, advanced and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant brings global standards to the Indian manufacturing industry.