Grinding Solutions

Jaivik offers a wide range of processing solutions for the food and spices industry with an economic value-driven approach and made to order end-to-end solutions by using its diagnostic measures. We provide concepts to commissioning solutions for greenfield and brownfield projects.

Jaivik Classifying Mill [ JVCM ]

JVCM is a pulverizer with a classifier that utilizes a unique system of internal circulation of dry solids to be pulverized, producing finer powder economically, fulfilling the most critical particle size distribution i.e. bandwidth.

Classifying Mill

Jaivik Hammer Mill [ JVHM ]

Jaivik Hammer mills (JVHM) are a very common size reduction machine found all across process industries. The hammer mill design is very robust and is used in many applications.


Hammer Mill

Jaivik Universal Mill [ JVUM ]

Jaivik’s Universal Mill is a derivation of our Hammer Mill, and it includes more sophisticated beaters and grinding tracks and sieves. It results in a high-performance one-pass fine grinding.

Jaivik Cutter Mill [ JVCM ]

Milling helps in reducing the size of the particles due to mechanical action. It submits the particles to stress and causes them to crack and break under stress.