Technical Services

For us, technical service is not just about fixing something when it is broken; it’s also about preventing breakdown and protecting your investment. At Jaivik, we help you to optimize your daily routines, offer insights for better business and enable smart operations with our technical solutions.

Our solutions cover every aspect of the entire value chain system, we enable clients like you to optimize your operations to the fullest.

Contact us for after-sales service, process and project management, Project consultancy, implementation support, process reliability study, or packaging and logistics support. We handle everything from engineering, testing, manufacturing and fabrication, transportation to installation and commissioning.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Jaivik understands the importance of service and support for the durability of all Process & machinery. With our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services, we deliver you minimum downtime and maximum yield while ensuring optimum power utilization.

Our cost-effective year-round AMC services and availability of an expert always makes it feasible for our clients to rely on our support services throughout the product or project lifecycle.

We offer comprehensive and non-comprehensive AMC categories for both mechanical and process-based problems.

Spares & Accessories

Equipment downtime can impact the productivity of our clients, and thus, we ensure the availability of all critical spares for all Jaivik products. We’re able to dispatch most of the spares and accessories within 24 hours of the order, helping you get your systems back on track.

Jaivik supplies high-quality spare parts from our internal production lines and OEM manufacturers. We also offer accessories from our international partners for your requirements. Every spare part or accessory meets or exceeds our rigorous standards for fit and quality. They are precision-crafted to work with Jaivik brand equipment and other major OEM brands, too.

With genuine replacement parts, you can sustain your operational uptime and ensure that the equipment runs at high-performance levels, delivering exceptional product output.


With the constant evolution in the food processing industry, Jaivik offers improved products to help clients respond to new technologies and sustainability demands. Machine obsolescence and inevitable ageing of mechanical components may require businesses to upgrade their equipment. A cost-effective solution is retrofitting, which extends the operating life and upgrades your machinery to modern technological standards.

Along with cost-benefit, upgrading your worn machines also reduces the carbon footprint, contributing towards a circular economy. Jaivik technicians specialize in retrofitting and upgrade operations for machine-operated businesses.

If you’re struggling with outdated equipment that increases downtime and is costly to repair and maintain, opt for our upgrades and retrofits. Upgrading your process doesn’t always need investment in new equipment. Along with sourcing, supplying and installing the right replacement components, Jaivik can offer a range of upgrade services to align with your existing processing equipment.

Feasibility Reports

A feasibility report is an analytical study that considers all relevant factors to testify the practicality of a particular product or a process. At Jaivik, we conduct feasibility studies to generate reports that help businesses and clients to take profitable decisions. By empirically and reasonably assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed product or process, we empower businesses.

Energy Audits

An energy audit provides a systematic and in-depth assessment of energy use, in terms of energy consumption and output of the major equipment and processes. Energy auditing helps to optimise the energy use and thereby reduce associated costs and resources. With a drop in manufacturing costs, the competitiveness of the product and the brand can be enhanced.

GI Tagging & Certification

A geographical indication (GI) indicates the origin of the product and testifies the quality and reputation associated with the product. It is a form of intellectual property, a certification or sign given to certain goods or products that are exclusive to geographical areas. At Jaivik, we help products acquire necessary GI Tagging & Certification that provide information about the soil quality, the product quality, the product growth parameters etc. through barcodes. Through promoting and enabling GI tagging & certification, we endeavour to support and bring financial prosperity to producers of unique, quality goods.