Jaivik Cutter Mill [ JVCM ]

Milling helps in reducing the size of the particles due to mechanical action. It submits the particles to stress and causes them to crack and break under stress. Jaivik Cutter Mill is one of our signature products for reducing the sizes of particles in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

 We offer equipment for both dry and wet phases, although the milling process is different for each. The roller mill functions in a way that the rolls are rotating in opposite directions that causes the inlet of the material in a bigger form to reduce to a smaller form during the outlet. There’s a mechanical system that applies pressure to the rolls, causing the size reduction.

Model noJVC 10JVC 15JVC 30JVC 60JVC 72
Power Load (KW)3.7-14.97.5 – 22.414.9 – 29.829.8 – 44.829.8 +

Key Features

  • Delivers more uniform particles with fewer lines, resulting in better product quality
  • Generates less heat compared to the hammer mill
  • Ensures lower moisture loss in the process
  • Energy-efficient and energy-saving machinery
  • Creates a better work environment as the machine noise level is low
  • Designed for a high level of operational safety
  • Automatic grinding gap adjustment for consistent products