Fluidized Bed Mixers

Jaivik Fluidized Bed Mixers are recommended for applications that require short cycle times, continuous operations and gentle product handling with minimum wash downs. Choose Jaivik to mix low to medium-density material including powders and pharma grade material with or without liquid additions.

Our product is amongst the fastest of all mixers offering a flat, angular paddles with overlapping paths effectively sweep material from two parallel U-shaped troughs toward the centre and upward, causing it to become airborne in a “fluidized zone” above the longitudinal centreline of the mixing chamber, where discreet particles of batch ingredients readily intersperse, regardless of disparities in particle size, shape or bulk density.

Key Features

  • Maintains free-flowing characteristics of the batch
  • Creates fewer shear than other agitated blenders, resulting in less product degradation
  • Discharges more rapidly, allowing the material to empty from the machine faster
  • Evacuates a greater percentage of material, reducing the need to remove or waste material between product changeovers manually