Vertical Ribbon Mixer

Jaivik Vertical Ribbon Mixer promises perfect mixing homogeneity, even in a big wide range mixing ratio. You can also achieve multi-functions to perform fast, uniform and contamination-free dry powder mixing, drying, heat treatment, evaporation, reactions, cooling or dosage of active ingredients in one unit.

The Vertical Ribbon Mixer comprises a cone and vertical shaped vessel body, drive unit, helical blades and chopper. During its continuous operation, material particles and heat are exchanged quickly, which leads to a homogenous product. Besides, the material particles are mixed with minimal mechanical and thermal stress, which makes it a good solution for fragile and heat sensitive products.

Key Features

  • Compact helical ribbon structure without any mixing dead space
  • High-speed chopper for de-agglomeration requirement
  • No lubrication leaking risk
  • GMP design with FDA certificate of non-metal part of the mixer
  • CIP Cleaning
  • Optional heating/cooling jacket and vacuum design
  • Ideal for applications like dry powder, dry powder with liquid additives, slurry, paste and viscosity